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5 interesting places near Primorsko for you to visit this summer

When we go to the sea, the first thing we do is to visit the main beaches in the city – it is the easiest, fastest and most convenient. However, Primorsko offers many sights and interesting places in the area that are worth seeing. If you are looking for new places to explore while you

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How to organize our home office when we are on a holiday?

A common myth is that a home office while you are on vacation may not be beneficial. On the contrary, the beautiful views, the noise of the sea, the warm rays of the sun can inspire you, and the escape from the routine can have a positive and invigorating effect. But how to organize yourself

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Five reasons to visit the sea in June

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When the month of June comes, we all start dreaming about summer Рbright sun, high temperatures, beach, summer cocktails… But very often we tend to wait for July or August to officially start the season. Why should we do it? We can enjoy the sea much earlier than we think. June is the perfect

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