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5 events near Primorsko that are worth seeing this summer

Summer 2022 at the Southern Black Sea coast promises to be full of exciting events for all tastes and ages, and if you are staying in Primorsko, you have the opportunity to visit a large number of them. You will be able to enjoy a rich program until September, so here are some of the

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What to do in Primorsko during our vacation

We often wonder what else to do during our vacation at the sea except going to the beach and so-called “doing nothing”. They are acceptable for some time,  but often even they get bored. The good news is that in Primorsko, although a small town, there is a lot to do. It is perfect both

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How to pack for a beach vacation with kids?

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Summer has come, and with it the long-awaited sea holiday for both you and the children. Inevitably, however, with the excitement comes the anxiety – what to take on your beach holiday? In order to save you the search for various things in the shops of the sea, which are often at unreasonable prices, we

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