5 interesting places near Primorsko for you to visit this summer

When we go to the sea, the first thing we do is to visit the main beaches in the city – it is the easiest, fastest and most convenient. However, Primorsko offers many sights and interesting places in the area that are worth seeing. If you are looking for new places to explore while you are on a holiday in Primorsko, we offer you a few that are not to be missed:


Maslen nos

Maslen nos is one of the most beautiful places on the southern Black Sea coast. It is located in the most eastern part of the Strandzha mountain, cut into the sea, very close to Primorsko. The easiest way to get there is with one of the yachts that offer a walk there from the pier in Primorsko. Hiking enthusiasts have the option to reach Maslen Nos on an eco-trail that starts from Begliktash. Furthermore, there are many legends around Maslen nos. One of them states that somewhere in the many sea caves around is hidden an ancient treasure, and another says that long ago the place was inhabited by pirates who lit fires to lure ships to the sharp rocks.


Ropotamo Nature Reserve

Located just about 10 minutes drive from Primorsko by car, Ropotamo Reserve offers its visitors awesome wildlife, right by the sea. The place is extremely beautiful, with impressive forests, sand dunes and a beach right next to the Black Sea. Also here is the famous Arkutino swamp. You can walk around the reserve on foot and enjoy the amazing nature, or you can arrange a walk along the river with one of the boats available on site.


Underwater chapel “St. Nikolas”

The visit to the underwater chapel “St. Nikolas” is for everyone who is looking for adrenaline during a vacation. The chapel was built in 2013 by divers in just 9 days. The place attracts more and more diving enthusiasts, and anyone can visit the chapel with special equipment and a qualified instructor. When you visit the chapel you can light chemical sticks instead of the traditional church candles and look at a variety of lighted plates with church motifs.



A great way to escape the heat and enjoy the cool forest, combined with beautiful sea views, is the Thracian sanctuary “Begliktash”. Eco-trails start from the place, along which you can reach other historical sites and picturesque landscapes – the Bay of St. Paraskeva, Maslen Nos, the Lion’s Head and the mouth of Ropotamo. What’s more, the place has a rich history. It is the largest imprint left by the Thracians on our southern Black Sea coast, and it is believed to have served as a sundial, calendar and a temple. In addition, it is believed that this is where the Thracians paid their respects to God.


Ravadinovo Castle

Ravadinovo Castle is one of the most visited places on our southern Black Sea coast. It is located only about 20 km from the town of Primorsko. The castle has a beautiful architecture that can be seen from afar, and if you decide to go inside you will enjoy the amazing nature, the attractive corners and the remarkable interior of the castle. There is also a chapel in the courtyard, stairs leading to a hall full of reproductions of masterpieces by famous artists, as well as a picturesque lake where swans swim.


These were our suggestions for interesting places to visit around Primorsko. We guarantee that whatever you choose, you will be fascinated! Have you visited any of these places? If yes, what are your impressions? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Source: WikiPedia