About the food

More and more people strive to live consciously and to improve their habits and quality of life on a daily basis. Part of the awareness is the choice of food, they do not compromise with their food. Compromising with poor quality and monotonous food while on holiday is a compromise with ourselves and our holiday. Clean and fresh produce should be our priority wherever we are. Therefore, we, the RIVER restaurant and Plamena Palace hotel team, strive to do everything possible to meet your expectations. And this season is no exception.

Updated menu

This season we have renewed our menu and added new and fresh offerings, prepared in the best way. Most of the vegetables and fruits come from our gardens, the dairy and meat products are carefully selected, and the fish is always fresh from our Black Sea.

A wide selection of fresh salads

In the summer, we all like to eat lighter, so salad is a must. We offer classic options such as shopska, ovcharska and caprese, but we also have more unconventional offers, for example salad with pasta or salad with chia and avocado.


This year we offer light and fresh appetizers to whet your appetite. Enjoy delicious quinoa and cream cheese meatballs, as well as a spinach pancake with an irresistible cream cheese and salmon filling – interesting and unusual combinations!


Who doesn’t love pizza? And why is pizza a harmful food? This is the food you can’t go wrong with. When the pizza is not frozen, when the dough is kneaded by us, when the ingredients are carefully selected and do not include ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, and other non-Italian combinations, then “Voila” – you get delicious food that is not harmful. And with us you will find a variety of favorite snacks for young and old. With a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables – there’s something for everyone!

Delicious meat and fish delicacies

Summer is the season of fish and seafood. We can eat plenty of them! For this, we have prepared a wide selection of seafood delicacies – from various types of fish to squid and the much-loved mussels. And for die-hard meat lovers, we have planned chicken, beef, pork and barbecue specialties.

We have a delicious beef burger that is irresistible!


What’s dinner if we don’t end with something sweet? We have classic desserts like everyone’s childhood favorites Biscuit Cake and Crème Caramel. Delicious, prepared with us. And everyone’s favorite is his majesty – the chocolate souffle, yes, our chocolate souffle. Do not miss to try it, necessarily with a scoop of refreshing vanilla ice cream!

Craft beer from our own brewery

The jewel in our crown is our craft beer from our own brewery, River Craft Beer. Beer is brewed according to classic technology, and our goal is to satisfy every taste, without compromising the quality of the types that have become established over the years. For your attention and taste we offer:


  • RIVER PILS – Typical light beer, typical lager. Made entirely from barley malt, using bottom fermentation technology. It has a classic golden color, slightly cloudy in appearance. Rich hop aroma, its taste is richly hoppy with light notes of malt. The beer has a slightly bitter taste and is very refreshing.
  • RIVER Weiss – A classic weiss beer made from wheat and barley malt. It is produced using top fermentation technology.
  • RIVER Extra Special Bitter – A typical English ale known for its balance and interaction between malt and hop bitterness, light caramel flavor, chocolate notes and light reddish-orange color.
  • RIVER Session IPA – A combination of two types of malt and two types of hops. The result is a fresh citrus aroma and caramel taste. On the finish – a bitter finish with a taste of grapefruit.
  • RIVER BELGIAN BLOND ALE – a Belgian-style beer with a low but pleasant hop bitterness, with a malty aroma that has a fruity citrus character, moderate grainy sweetness and balanced with medium bitterness. Notes of orange and spices are felt.
  • RIVER American Pale Ale – A precise combination of two types of malt and an American variety of hops, resulting in a balanced taste and a pleasant amber color.

The fact that we strive to prepare dishes with products of pure and clear origin makes us feel at ease that you – our guests – will be satisfied. Because we are convinced that food is an important part of you and us and can make any vacation even more enjoyable. Convince yourself and book a holiday with us now!