Five reasons to visit the sea in June

June 6, 2022 By Uncategorized Comments Off

When the month of June comes, we all start dreaming about summer – bright sun, high temperatures, beach, summer cocktails… But very often we tend to wait for July or August to officially start the season. Why should we do it? We can enjoy the sea much earlier than we think. June is the perfect time to go on a vacation – there are so many benefits that most of the time we don’t even think about. Here are some of them:

It’s cheaper

This is one of the obvious reasons to go to the sea in June if we haven’t done so before. The prices are significantly lower and we can find very good offers in our favorite hotel. This way you will get exactly the same services, but significantly cheaper.

It’s calmer

If you are a fan of calmer holidays, then be sure to go on a vacation in June. This is because of  several reasons:

  • There are significantly less people 
  • There are many free places on the beaches
  • Restaurants and streets are not so crowded.
  • Precisely because of the peace, this month is perfect for distant working. Home office with sea view – we couldn’t think of a better way to spend your workday!

More flexibility

To go to the sea earlier allows both you and the hotel much more flexibility in all your desires. The chances your hotel is running out of rooms are much lower and you will have more freedom in choosing dates, including the weekends that are most likely to be filled during the season.

More places at your favourite restaurants

This is something we rarely think about. In season, the chances of eating in a nice restaurant without a reservation are minimal. And very often, even if you call for a reservation, the seats are sold out. In June, there are  fewer people, so you can enjoy a relaxing dinner at your favorite restaurant without worrying.

It’s cleaner 

Have you seen the crystal clear waters of Greek and Turkish beaches? If you go to the sea in June you will enjoy the same picture, but on our Black Sea coast. Unfortunately, in season we notice that the water is much more unclear and even looks dirty. This is because in June the water is colder than in the other summer months and this is the time when plankton blooms. In July and August, the water is much warmer and this is the season of algae – if you go to sea in June, the chance to see algae is quite small. The purity of the sea in June will make you amazed at how many beautiful beaches we have!