Hotel Plamena Palace – not just an oridanary hotel

The most long-awaited period of the year – vacation at the sea! We know how important it is to you – summer memories warm all year round. That’s why we want every detail to be perfect – for you, for the children, for your friends…
And our mission is exactly that – to give you an unforgettable vacation and at the same time feel as comfortable as possible. It is as if you are at home, the other home where you can hear the sound of the sea from the terrace…

Comfortable and cozy premises

In our rooms, we want to recreate the comfort of your own home. Spacious rooms await you, where you can rest, work or indulge in “doing nothing” – whatever you choose, we will make sure that you don’t miss anything! They are suitable both for one person and for couples or families with children, younger and older – on our site you can find the most suitable option for you.

Children’s playroom

Raise your hand for those who want to entertain the children for at least half an hour, to enjoy peace and time for themselves… We will provide it for you! In our children’s playroom, your little ones will have fun while you relax by the pool, in the restaurant or with a drink in our lobby bar.

Lobby Bar and Pool Bar

One of the advantages of the sea is that there is no wrong time for a cocktail! Morning, lunch or evening – you can always cool off with a favorite drink prepared especially for you by our bartenders. And from this year we also have a bar by the pool – comfortable and easy, and you don’t even have to get up from the lounger!

A cozy restaurant with a renewed menu and craft beer

One of the things we are most proud of is our restaurant, with a renewed menu. There are dishes for every taste – Bulgarian and European cuisine, seafood, meat and vegetarian recipes. Most of the vegetables and fruits come from our gardens, the dairy and meat products are carefully selected, and the fish is always fresh from our Black Sea. The pearl in our crown is the craft beer from our own brewery River Craft Beer – we offer several different types for every taste, fresh, live, unfiltered and unpasteurized – come and try them!

Tennis courts

For all keen athletes who do not want to neglect sports while on vacation – our courts are at your disposal. If you haven’t tried playing tennis before, don’t worry – we also have an experienced coach who can help you take your first steps in tennis. If you are an avid tennis player or just want to diversify the beach and eat with sports, come to Reception to get more information about the courts.

Other amenities and services


We strongly believe that no matter how much a person travels, home is the most precious and cherished place – that’s why we want you to not miss anything while you are with us. We offer you many other services and amenities – water jug, baby cribs, washing machine… and for everything you need, we will do the impossible to provide it. We will be happy to help in any way we can!