How to organize our home office when we are on a holiday?

A common myth is that a home office while you are on vacation may not be beneficial. On the contrary, the beautiful views, the noise of the sea, the warm rays of the sun can inspire you, and the escape from the routine can have a positive and invigorating effect. But how to organize yourself so that the work process is optimal? Here are some of our tips:

What to do

Turn off from social media

There are enough temptations at the beach that distract us from work, so there is no need to add social media to them. Try as much as possible to disconnect from Facebook and Instagram while working – a rule that applies both while at seaside or anywhere else.


Find a quiet place

Don’t be fooled into sitting in the heart of the beach next to a crowded bar or restaurant, especially if you’re easily distracted. Find a quieter place, with nice and light music and fewer people. This is also the advantage of working from the sea in June – the chance to find quiet and not so crowded restaurants is much higher. And if you are wondering what are the other benefits of vacationing in June – see our article with five reasons why to go to the sea in June.


Look for restaurants with contact

This is especially important because as we know, if we work all day from the laptop, its battery will not last. Look for a place where there is contact for customers, or the staff could help you and leave your laptop during the lunch break.


What not to do

Don’t take too many things with you

You can work from the sea, but still your comfort must come first. Don’t take too many things with you, just the essentials:

  • laptop (don’t forget the charger)
  • possibly a notebook and pen where you can write down the most important things of the day.
  • headphones – if you need to make a call, it will be useful to isolate as much noise as possible from the side
  • lots of water and some light snacks


Don’t give in to the temptation for an alcoholic drink

One cocktail before lunch, one in your lunch break, one in the afternoon… We know that cocktails are a must for the beach, but alcohol interferes with concentration, even in moderation. So leave the cocktails for after work, and while working enjoy something fresh and light.


Don’t forget to take breaks

That’s right, it’s nice to lie under an umbrella all day, but remember that it’s good to get up and move every 30 minutes. Also, during the lunch break you can try to swim – you will do something different, and at the end of the day you will be get tired of sitting.


These were our tips on how to organize your work process as efficiently as possible while on vacation. Yes, discipline and concentration are required, but escaping the routine will have a beneficial effect on both you and your work. If you want to try and see if working from the sea is your thing – try it in June. Calm, clean, cheap – the perfect time to combine the useful with the pleasant! If you have already tried it and have something to add, let us know below in the comments.