How to pack for a beach vacation with kids?

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Summer has come, and with it the long-awaited sea holiday for both you and the children. Inevitably, however, with the excitement comes the anxiety – what to take on your beach holiday? In order to save you the search for various things in the shops of the sea, which are often at unreasonable prices, we have prepared a short list of the most necessary things, which, however, sometimes in the rush and worry we often forget to take:

At the beach

Drinks and snacks

This is one of the things that we rarely take with us, because the beach is full of restaurants and shops that can save the situation. However, if you want to go for a much healthier and more affordable option, grab something to eat and drink beforehand. This way you will be prepared for the critical moments when your little one suddenly realizes that he is hungry.

Inflatable toys

This is not the most important thing, but it can definitely be useful to you. Children often get bored playing with the same toys, and we know that we can’t bring countless games from home on a vacation. That’s why inflatables will save the day when your kids get bored – they’re different, they can’t be played with at home, and they’re all about getting into the water, which all (almost) little ones love.

Hats and headscarves

It is extremely important during the first years of children to protect them from the sun’s rays. And in addition to the mandatory high-factor sunscreen (which is good to apply every 2 hours and after swimming), take a hat or headscarf. Often, your little ones may not want to wear them, but you can at least try or let them choose their favorite character hat.


It is a must to get at least a few pairs of shoes for your child. Yes, most of the time they will be barefoot or in sandals/slippers, but the weather is extremely changeable especially by the sea, so it’s good to have two pairs of closed shoes with you – in case one gets wet and others are needed.

A blanket

No, we don’t mean thick and heavy blankets, but rather some thin cape or even a scarf. It often happens that children fall asleep while you are out somewhere having dinner, for example. That’s why it’s good to have something to cover them with – there’s often a very strong wind at sea! 


There are a few more things that are must on a vacation with a child. And while some of them we’re sure you’ll remember, others sometimes need a reminder:

  • medicines
  • cream for after sunburns
  • mosquito repellent
  • extra sets of clothes
  • a CD of your favorite music to listen to in the car (if you’re driving)
  • other games suitable for travel – books, drawing boards
  • disinfectant

That was our list of suggestions for what to bring with kids on a holiday. And don’t forget that patience and good mood are most important – so that both you and your little ones can enjoy your time as much as possible.

Also, if you decide to visit us – we will do our best to make your children feel at home and that you will not miss anything during your vacation – baby crib, children’s playroom, pots, water jugs, inflatable toys during your stay and whatever else you need. We are expecting you!