What to do in Primorsko during our vacation

We often wonder what else to do during our vacation at the sea except going to the beach and so-called “doing nothing”. They are acceptable for some time,  but often even they get bored. The good news is that in Primorsko, although a small town, there is a lot to do. It is perfect both for a family holiday and for those who love adrenaline, entertainment and nightlife. Check out our selection of activities and sights to visit while in Primorsko:

Visit the beaches in the surrounding area

Of course, you can’t miss going to the beach, but we advise you, in addition to those in the city (North and South), to take advantage of the other beaches in the vicinity, which are very beautiful and often calmer, such as: 


  • “Arcutino”
  • “Pearl”
  • “Stamopolou”
  • “Aleppo”
  • “Devil’s Bay”

Organize an excursion

The city is a starting point for different types of day trips for every taste. Some of them are:

Boat ride

From the pier in Primorsko, you can board a boat that will take you to various places in the surrounding area:

  • Maslen nos
  • Seal Cave
  • Snake Island/ Saint Thomas


On site you can learn more about the different options, such as prices, duration and so on.

Visit the sights nearby

There are many sights around the town that are worth seeing. From picturesque eco-trails and sea views, to monuments of history and culture – there is something for everyone. Some of them are:

  • Begliktash 
  • Ravadinovo Castle
  • Underwater chapel “St. Nikolay the Miracleworker”


We also have an article where you can see more about each landmark and get more ideas.

Take advantage of the various attractions

Jets, rickshaws, all kinds of other attractions on the beach, suitable for adults and kids – in Primorsko you will find many options for everyone who is looking for something different than just a vacation. Again on site you can find more information about duration and prices.

Visit the bars and nightclubs

Although the city is known more as a place for family vacations than for its nightlife, there is still no lack of bars and discotheques. If you are fond of this type of entertainment, and especially if you are without children, there will certainly be a place to go. Neighboring towns also offer night spots to visit, some of which are some of the most visited on our Black Sea coast.

Visit the water park

Photo source: Facebook

If you are with children, do not miss to stop by the water park in Primorsko. There, for sure, they will find a variety of entertainment, and you will diversify a little from the beaches, since very often the smaller ones get tired of the beach and you will have to think of new ways to condense the time of your little ones.


These were our suggestions for what to do during our holiday in Primorsko. Whether you are with small children, with company or in a smaller circle – there is something for everyone. Do you have any other suggestions? If yes, share them in a comment.