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Bulgaria is situated in Southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. Primorsko is a small town, resort and a center of youth tourism, situated in the southeastern part of Bulgaria. It is located 52 km south from Burgas and 442 km southeastern from the capital Sofia. The small town of Primorsko is settled on the foreland between two bays – Stamopolo and Diavolski. The main characteristic feature, which makes Primorsko an attractive place for a holiday destination, is the combination of hill and low mountain relief, deeply indented by picturesque river valleys and various forms of coastal lines. The total area of the beaches is more than 1 sqr. km. About half of it is taken by protected sand dunes. The average temperature in July is 27C; often it reaches 30C - 33C. Sunny days predominate from April to October. The sun is shining 8 to 11 hours a day.


The landscape is highly varied and picturesque - wonderful combination of deep forests, wide beaches and exotic plants. There is situated the well-known national reserve "Ropotamo", famous for its unique rock formations "The Head of the Lion" and "The House of Snakes". The small Djavolska River (Devil's River) flows through the city and the River Ropotamo finds its way to the Black Sea near Primorsko. 6km away from the town one can enjoy the beauty of the cape "Maslen Cape".
For those, interested in natural wealths, Primorsko offers two reserves – “Arkutino” (water lilies) and “Ropotamo” , the protected areas - Stamopolo and Arkutino swamps; as well as the sand dunes “Perla” (Pearl).


Year 2003, a sanctuary of a very old town was found near Primorsko. This is an ancient observatory, called Beglick Tash, which represents a peculiar calendar. It stands for the cult of the Goddes-Mother, the Sun and the mythical Tracian tzar Orpheus. Beglick Tash was built in XXIV century B.C. and was used till IV century A.C. According to historical researches of Tracian mythology, the region of Primorsko was worshipped as The Sacred Mountain. All around the coastal line there are remains of great ancient towns. The walls of one of the largest and most powerful towns - Ranuli - can still be seen on "Valchanova fortress" hill. Nowadays, the area surrounded by its walls, is around 30 dka. According to the historians, this is one of the biggest stronghold-cities in Bulgaria, dating back to the Middle Ages. Later on, the village settled on that place was called Chenger, and afterward Kjupria. Today, this is the town of Primorsko.